Researcher’s claim: When the mother puts the vest, she does the child’s effect

The amount of lead in the vermilion can be d@ngerous. In such a case, a study shows that the use of such lead-off vermor can reduce the problem of childbirth and the prevention of child development.

According to Researchers’ Researchers in America, 83 percent of the samples collected from America and 78 percent of India’s sampled samples were 1.0 mammogram lead in the vigil of the vermilion.
As per 19 percent taken from New Jersey, study of sampled 43 percent samples from India found that the amount of lead per gram vermilion was found more than 20 mg.
Associate Professor, Derek Schundal, University, said – The amount of lead is not safe. Therefore, we believe that vermilion can not be scaled in America until the vermilion is sulfured.
Researchers say that the vermilion used lead is h@rmful because consumers should be careful. The government has also emphasized the need for the government to take action against the health of the people and to raise the lead with the quantity of lead producers.