Parrot’s statement was sent the mu*derer’s wife to Prision

In Michigan, USA, a woman has been blamed after hearing a woman’s case in the case of her husband’s mu*der.

Glenna Durlie had five pullet on her husband Martin before she washed in 2015. Then she also tried to commit su!c!de by shooting herself.
According to Martin’s ex-wife, Parrot repeatedly repeatedly called her “Martin” voice and did not “bullet down” the word repeatedly. However, this African Parrot named Bud was brought during the hearing of the court.
A judge of the judge found guilty of the murder of a 49-year-old Glennna. He will be sentenced to another month.
Glenna’s head was injured in the incident. However, she became successful. The event had been in their sand-locked home in Michigan.
Judge in two years
Martin’s mother says Lillian, ‘I am feeling very sad to see that there is no repentance in the blame of the guilty.’ She also said that she was delayed for the delay.
Martin’s former wife is taking care of that Parrot. She said, ‘Parrot was repeating the entire conversation of that night and ended up saying’ Do not shoot ‘.