Became mother in 15 years, born after birth, 6 children: The story of these successful businessmen

In relation to a person before marriage, it is not a privilege for the society. This is a big deal of pregnancy. But the situation is not very good at abroad. Sharon Jebber, who lives in Melbourne, was pregnant when she was 15 years old, told the people that she had to listen to different types of comments.

The school was made at the same time as the mother of a child
In 1999, Sheren gave birth to her first child. Sharon was at high school at that time. Their family members had great pressure on abortion, but Sharon decided to give birth to the child.According to Sharon, people started cutting their talk after the daughter of Simon. The question was raised on her character. But the biggest thing, his boyfriend Raymas did not leave her.

Marriage after giving birth to 6 children
After giving birth to the first child at the age of 15, his relationship with Rakesh became stronger.This couple married in 2011. Until then, the couple’s 6-year-old couple were born. This couple has eight children after marriage. Their oldest daughter is 18 years old and the youngest is two years old.

Suresar: Career with a successful career
Sharon is now 34 years old. Sharon is a manager of Data Marketing Company and also uses his own online business. If you work with your heart, someone can stop you to succeed.