Bone-weed disease ‘Osteoporosis’

There are various diseases related to the body, osteoporosis. The !llness of the bone weighing is estimated to be one of every three women who have been in the past 50 years.
This problem is more likely to occur in women than men. New disease can not be created in this disease due to this disease. The old coconut changes rapidly. As a result, the bone starts to weaken.

According to different statistics, due to osteoporosis, one of the three women and five men in the world are r!sk to bone a bone.
This problem has shown due to changing lifestyles, wrong catering, spending more time on computer, lack of exercise and more use of junk food. It is very important to avoid this and to know about symptoms.
What are osteoporosis?
The disease decreases the quality and density of the disease. Apart from calcium, phosphorus and protein, it is made of various types of minerals, bones.
Incorrect catering, uncontrollable lifestyle and growing age begins to eradicate such elements, due to which the bone density starts decreasing. Bone is so weak that small injuries can also be broken.
These are the reasons
This disease also causes the disease due to genetic, protein deficiency, vitamin D and calcium deficiency, diabetes, thyroid, exercise deficiency, smoking, alcohol and age.
This disease also takes place due to the increased consumption of cold drinks and salt and due to drying months of women. In addition, there are diseases related to bacteropathy, uric acid, constipation, gastric, paralysis, Parkinson, kidney and kidney disease, as well as diseases related to blood.
These are the symptoms
Usually there are no symptoms of this disease. When there is a problem of broken bone due to small !njury, it is a symptom of osteoporosis. Because of that, more handsome p@in begins to affect hands.
The body quickly gets tired, fatigue feeling, p@in in the hand, and increases the p@in, boiling hands. Likewise, the part of the waist is p@inful, it causes p@in.
Prevention measures
Through regular exercise, osteoporosis can be easily prevented. Nutritionally catering, healthy lifestyle and walkdown are also preventive measures.
Regarding regular d@ngers of bone density, potential r!sks can be prevented.