Long hair Lingerie cover is not the same

The young lady named Kozjik, a Melgorjas living in London, is so tall and thick that she can cover her shirt by shaping her hair.
Kolkata’s hair is so thick that maybe there may be other women in the world. In fact, she had decided to increase the hair since she was 7 years old. She cuts hair shortly in every few months to give the right look to his hair. She now uses cosmetic only on his hair. She rubs the hair with coconut oil before bathing the hair, and shampoo baths.

In the past two years, she has not even been able to trimmed her hair. His hair is now 7 feet long.
She explains that she could not even think of hair shortening, saying she had long hair addiction.
Kajj of 32 years has dedicated himself to his hair and has also made an Instagram page. In which she poses a lot of pictures and videos from her hair. His Instagram page has reached 5 million followers in 18 months.