General 9 thing to be ‘fit and fine’

It is not to be a slim and attractive person to eat. On some things, the body can be kept fit and fine.
Regular Exercise
Usually, as fitness, we all know that we keep the physical texture smooth. However, physical exercise also increases the level of mental and endurance. Exercise should be understood for exercise not only for bodybuilding. To keep our body and heart warm, we need to set aside some time for physical exercise. Bodybuilding can help maintain body, mind, and mind healthy every day.

Little wings
If you are eating something, you do not feel hungry in your mind and do not want calorie food.
Slowly-slowly eating
After eating slowly and slowly, you will feel full of stomach. If you eat fast, it can not be experienced.
Get sleep
Some researches have shown due to lack of sleep. You feel stress in insomnia. Harmony related to stress makes excessive amount of water in the body. This can increase your weight.
Stay away from alcohol
If you want to fit, stay away from alcohol. Drinking alcohol can also increase obesity.
Do not eat out
Better going out to restaurants, eating food is better for health than eating food. Home food is fresh and healthy. Outside foods contain more calories.
Eat vegan dinner
Nutrients are more common in nutritious food, which combine obesity. Green magnet, kidney etc. help keep the body healthy and fit.
Eat the right amount
It is good to reduce the amount of food you eat rather than dining without eating. It is good to eat a small plate or a plate.
Small work
It should be a small task to keep the body fit and fast. Such work reduce your body’s ‘extra calorie’. Sanitation, beauty and beauty are also good physical practice.