A 6 year old boy became a pilot and fly the plane video became viral throughout the world

The miracles remain in the world, divine miracles, human miracles, all of us are watching all the time.
Show a miracle like this by 6 years old boy. Adam was fond of becoming a pilot of Muhammad. When he met Pilate of Atiyah Airport, his wish was complete.

When he reached the couch, he surprised the pilot to tell about the plague. By looking at the pace of Adam, Immediate Airlines made him one-day pilot. Whose video shot was also included. Till now millions of people have seen the video on Facebook.
Adam-e-Azam, a 6-year-old Jordanian or Morocco origin, had created the pilot of Atihad Airlines as well as all the people there during his trip to Morocco.
Immediately influenced by Emperor’s affection, Atiyah Airlines also gave him some training. And he had some information about flying airbase A380 flights.