Husband is to*turing his wife by posting n@ked photos in social media

‘Sidha kura prasta bichar’ is a program run by Rabi Lamichhane. It is a program where many v!ctims of social ill come here to get justice. Today here are the exclusive information in which own relative became the en*my. Some of Nepalese ladies are suffering from their husband to*ture. They used the social media to torture the ladies.

The video contains an issues of cyber crime in which people used to make fake facebook id and create problems in normal lives. Police forces are providing money to stop broadcast video captured in the camera in the broader area of Nepal. Dr. Ambekar Yadav is refering there in the government work. He is playing cards in the office during his duty time in transportation office, Brigunj. He is confessing that he play game in a computer after his duty.