In 16 hours, 40 doctors undergo a twin child’s head

India’s successful head of twins, has been able to distinguish from long-term surgery.
A team of 40 doctors of AIIMS, Delhi, All India Institute of Medical Science, has set up the attached head of twin children after the operation of around 16 hours.

According to the hospital, the surgery was started from 6 o’clock in the morning of October 25, the joint head of the land and Kalya village for two years and four months.
‘The twin child’s brain was connected to each other. Apart from this, his nose was linked to one another, ‘Neuro Surgeon of Neutrogenic Physician Deepak Gupta said,’ Due to the lack of joint blood transfusion; a child had no liquid in another child due to joint blood transfusion. During the operation, a child had reached the condition of failure, and the other kidney effects affected.