Top 5 Just For Laughs 2017

Here are the top five comedy prank videos which make people laugh more loudly. Due to the busiest schedule and more pressure on work, people nowadays watch the prank and comedy videos for being refreshed. For this, YouTube channel and its many comedy videos are watched daily in millions views.

The first comedy scene in this video is giving pump in the cycle Tyre. A lady who wear a skirt is ask for a help to the people for giving pump in cycle. Everyone wants to help her. But behind the scene, there is a air pump below the ground where that lady stay. While giving pump in the cycle by people, person who stay behind the camera give air pressure through the pipe which is situated below the lady. It results, while giving pump in the cycle, skirt of ladies fly up.

Another comedy scene in this video is of Traffic Police. Traffic police stop the car and start checking all the documents with driving licence. He request to all drivers out of car and start making a bill for them. While making a bill, behind the camera, a lady cross the traffic police and he start flirt to her. She sl@pped him and went away. But this all happen according to their plan which is called a prank comedy video.

There are other many prank scenes in the video which make people laugh and make refreshed.