Guiness Record Dinesh Sunar aka Parkour

Guinness world record holder Dinesh Sunar. He is from Nepal and He was born in the Khotang District. He was 24 years old and President of Parkour Freeruning Association of Nepal.

Besides parkour, He works as a constable of the Nepali armed police force. He is lucky because in the police force, his section is Nepal gymnastic sports of armed police force, so He was able to do what he love and include parkour.

he owned two time gold medal in gymnastics (the national champion of Nepal) and one time silver. He have been doing gymnastics and parkour since he was 15 years old, but his passion is and will always be parkour. He practices parkour on the sand, on the ground, on rivers and rocks, until he could do everything. He also the brand ambassador for a Nepali brand of shoes called “Caliber Shoes”, and he work in many Nepali movies as a stunt man and also in one movie Bollywood movie too.