4-year-old son is waiting his mother who had not been returned from maternal uncle’s house, Father is in abroad

Even though a woman who went to the mate believed to be a resident of the mate, the house has not reached home yet, even though she got to the bus to return home.

Shivraj Municipality Ward No. 5, 22 years old Gita Sapkota, wife of Vishnu Sapkota, Balapur, has been missing since Sunday.
Kapilvastu Municipality Ward No. 10 has been told that the Gita’s brothers from Chhattisgarh parent’s house migrated from parent’s house to return home the next day.
The family sources told that the mother-in-law of her mother-in-law has reached the branches of Wanganga. But as she said, the family has become very worried when you do not reach home for one hour’s walk.
She said that she had gone to parent’s house, Birat Khanal Sapkota, a 4-year old son, Subhappan Sapkota, in the mate of Emilia. Now the sons are waiting for mother’s mother in the house with Jethani’s daughters. But after five days mother is not getting home, son is left in the village.
“After reaching the house of Gita, we approached the phone, searched for it, but did not get anywhere,” said Bhojraj Sapkota, “In-laws of the Mithapaksa, he said. There has been no clue till now, just as the road to the bus went astray. Find out somewhere anywhere in the daughter-in-law, contact the mobile number 97272 9 5755, 9 847325657 or contact the nearest police office. “In-laws Bhojraj has requested everyone. Geet’s husband, Vishnu Sapkota, is now abroad in connection with employment.
source: Dainik Nepal