Massage in this part of your forehead for 45 seconds, you will get these 7 benefits

Life science and Modern science says that there are many central points on our forehead. If we do some massage over it all the central point’s will be active and can get benefit in our whole body. Ayurvedic and Chinese health system says about the benefits of massaging on the central of our forehead. According to Yoga Expert Saileja Tribedi, it is known as Aadha Chakra in yoga and it sprays the positive effects in our body.

How massage works?
It helps in blood circulation; release the tension of muscles and ecdorphin chemical from our mind. Endorphine chemical provides p@in on our body but it makes us to feel better.

Benefits of Massage:
1. Remove stress
2. Mind becomes peaceful.
3. Headache will be decrease
4. Remove tiredness
5. Decrease the problem of awake
6. Nose will be opened
7. Remove the problem of sinus