Timilai Man Paraunu Mero Galti Haina Latest Song by Rajesh Payal Rai

Rajesh Payal’s Love relation was open.
Unmarried singer Rajesh Payal Rai’s marriage discussion was always became an issuse. He always says that he was not in any love relation that makes media active.
But the same singer Rai has been seen as “Timilai maan paraunu mero galti”. In this song of Darpan Rai but explore the words of Rajesh Payal Rai. Song was published with its video.

There is the music of Mahendra Rai, Nirajan Prashan, Samjhana Rai, Darpan himself shows the act in the music video. The director of this song was Sushank Kadel who shows Darpan as suspense in a music video. In the video one sided love story has been shown. A male character felt in love with a lady who is unknown to him. He collected the photos and imagine about their beautiful love relation. He just follows the lady but didn’t express his feelings. He knew that she was in love relation with other.

Here in this song, there we can see the love affair of the singer Rajesh Payal Rai. The surroundings of this song are of park and some scenario of home and bar. He will be greatful if the love relation runs from both sided with mutual understanding. Love is not a human mistake but just a feeling about someone in their life.