These are the stadiums for the World Cup Football 2018

World Cup is being held in Russia next year. As the World Cup closes, security issues are increasingly increasing. What is the situation of the stadium, when various things are coming out of the media?
How is Russia preparing for a stadium for the World Cup, and how many viewership capacity and what technology are there? This is a very important thing.

From the date of June 14 to July 15, the world’s plain of Russia is going to work in the rapid pace at the last time.
Russia is organizing a World Cup in 12 stadiums. Russia has constructed five new stadiums for the World Cup and the restroom has also been rebuilt.
It is like the 2018 World Cup

Lajniki stadium
This is the stadium in Russia. The cost of around $ 350 million was to cost the dormitory at Moscow’s capital Moscow in Moscow. This stadium is still rebuilding the World Cup.
It has a capacity of 81 thousand viewers.

Crestosky stadium
Russia is the second big stadium in Russia. The Confederation Cup finals and some group stage games were completed in this stadium. This ground is in Saint Petersburg that is a well-known stadium.
The viewer’s capacity of this is 68,134. This canal is ready for the World Cup.

Okritai Arena
It is located in Ticino City of Moscow, Russia’s capital, the Okritai Arena stadium is set in a very attractive design. It takes about 430 million American dollars are being constructed.
The viewer’s capacity of it 45,360 openings since 2014. The World Cup is a fully equipped stadium for football.

Kailiningrad stadium
The stadium in Kaliningrad, Russia, is designed for the World Cup. The winner’s viewer’s capacity in the World Cup is 35,212, even after the World Cup will be 25,000.
The work of this building is now in a hurry.

Kazan Arena
This is located in Kazan, Russia. This stadium is open in the year 2013. There have been 45 thousand 3 hundred 79 viewership capacity.
For the World Cup, it is fully prepared.

Nijeni Nobrod stadium
The Nijeni Nobrod is under construction. The workshop which has been constructed by the World Cup, is at its peak speed. This stadium will be high-tech in 44000 spectacular capacity.

Cosmos Arena
Cosmos Arena is a place in the Samara of Russia. The stadium, which is about $ 320 million in construction, will be very attractive. This will be the star of 44,200 spectators. This is a new studio building the World Cup.
Volgograd Arena
The work of the construction of the Volgograd Arena stadium, which is being constructed in Volgograd, is happening in the past. The viewer’s capacity is 45,568.
Mordobhiya Arena

Mordobhiya Arena is located in Saransk, Russia. It is a new building built around 300 million. This is a beautifully constructed way of this year.
The viewer of the Mordobhiya Arena stadium is 44,442.
Rostov Arena
Rostov Arena is also the new. The building has been constructed with a capacity of 45 thousand viewers.
Fest Olympic Stadium

The Fest Olympic Stadium located in Sochi is also a costly dining room. 47 thousand 659 people who have been constructed in the year 2013, have a capacity of viewers. However, after the World Cup in the next year, this capacitor’s capacity will be 40 thousand.
It has been around $ 779 million for the construction of the dormitory.
Central stadium

This Central Stadium is located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The painting made in 1951 has been rebuilding repeatedly. Targeting has been started since 2014, targeting for the World Cup.
The viewer’s capacity has also increased for the World Cup. Approximately 35696 viewers will be in the world of competence. After the World Cup, the viewer will be 23,000.