Make soup of he-goat’s foot in winter

Shambhu Karki Men Cafe Panas Restaurants, KhichapokhariShambhu Karki Men Cafe Panas Restaurants, Khichapokhari
The soup of he-goat’s foot is very useful. Most people also like this trick. People cooked in their own way. But you want to eat sweet and delicious soup then cook it in a different way. The way is also easy. Cafe Shambhu Karki has given information about how to cook:

Materials per person
Pieces of he-goat’s foot
20 grams of ginger
30 grams of garlic
2 pieces of green chilly
100 grams of Vigna radiata
salt, according to the taste,
a pinch of Trachyspermum ammi
large one- spoon full of butter
water full of boul
The soup of a peacock is a very preferred recipe in the cold. It’s the same way to eat it. This disease, which can easily be made in own home, is also useful for elderly and ill patients. It can also be eaten with rice too.

Put cooker in the fire and keep the butter.
After boiling light,put some Trachyspermum ammi.
Keep the feet of he-goat. Do not miss fry.
Add garlic, ginger, and pepper prepared by pressing.
Put the Vigna radiata pulse together and fry it together.
After bowling two-three minutes, put bowl water.
Keep the salt according to the taste. Not to add another spice”
Now lock the cooker’s bark and make three-four skirts.
Let the cooker remain for a while after closing the fire.
Now the soup was prepared in cooker to eat.