Did Lizard bite? Don’t be scared, apply home based treatment for it

We rarely found a house where there is absence of lizard. One or two in some houses, there are many in some houses. It can appear in any seasons.
But a bit more in summer seasons. It’s po!sion is d@ngerous for us and we may die after it’s bite.

Hard to get treatment at night
In the summer season many people use to sleep in the open area. In these case people need to face Lizard’s bite. You can live if you get the proper treatment but it is hard at night. Come here are some tips.

Do this
Clean the wound with clean water and detol soap or liquid of detol. It stop spraying po!sion.
It has small teeth, some tooth attached in your wound take them out carefully and fastly.
If the wound is deep, it would bleed for a long time. So you should not move it. If you move it, it bleeds a lot.
Do not use the things that h@mper your skin while cleaning the wound. Use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
Put the wound in hot water that reduces the infection.
Apply antibiotic cream after cleaning.
Take precaution of doctor in the morning. If it is needed you need to take Titanus vaccine.
If the surrounding of wounded place is swollen then use ice for it not in the wound.
Do not apply bandage the wound. You need to leave the wound openly.