These old notes are now more than one million! sell on eBay!

The time has changed so quickly that people start working online! Get partner from online, if you get a job from online, then reading is not too much I started online! Purchasing Web sites in the world of the Internet are eBay, OLX and quikr! Anything you can sell and buy on these websites!

For a few years, there was a tendency to sell old notes in foreign countries; it is also playing similar to today. The value of the notes mentioned in the old Rana rule is millions!
Do you have a Nepali note? Sell this on the Internet!
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a clean photo on the top size of your old note!
Note the dispersion, serial number, which date is printed!
Upload a clean photo of the printed note on the eBay website!

How many times do you have to buy someone? The price is required to open! eBay does not have to upload a fake note on the website, so do not worry if you do wrong.
eBay does not have to sell fake material according to the rules, so just sell the truth and real!
eBay is a medium to deal with can also be done individually!
The value of an Indian note on eBay is maintained so much.
If you feel that you do not sell Nepali notes, visit eBay on the website! There are Nepali notes from $ 5 to $ 100!
Go to the said website and click on the auction button, so many people will be able to see all the people who have paid for your purchases!
If you have too old notes with you, start selling on the Internet, you can sell 10 times more money than the market that is worth the note you can earn!
Often, Chinese, Indian, American people buy a note from various countries of the world!
Do you have Nepali old Rupees? If you have then open an eBay account now, start selling a sale! No, if this post was posted, find out to get your money sold!