Boys, attract as this to Girl Friends

It is real that nobody has prepared to be a good man but a boy needs to care in the topic of romance with girl. If you focus on these points then girls will attracted with you.

If you are in a date with girl then make her to believe that you are a good person. Make her to believe that your relation goes for long time and let her, what she think.
Listen her every time, involve in each other happiness, and don’t feel odd if your friend is present there.
If your life is cool and runs smoothly then girls will be happy, girls hate those boys who are in trouble.
Watch in every small things. If she wants privacy then do not ask such questions related with her privacy.
Go in time while meeting her, care about looks and be in proper dress up.
Take her in different places to visit, restaurant for lunch, ride a bike, give surprises and not to follow other girls.