Put money-plant in this direction of your house, never becomes wealth low

There are various preventative measures in religious anthropology to remove the mistakes of house. According to Architectural anthropology, there are various plants that help to remove the negative effects. In Architectural anthropology, there is a fixed direction to plant the plants. If the plant is in proper direction then there will be happy, peace and harmony. If it is in wrong direction then you need to face negative effects.

Where should we put the Money-plant, in which direction? Come and get the information- Architectural anthropology says that we should not put the money-plant in north-east direction that continues the conflict between family members. We should not let to fall the wave of money-plant on the floor but let it to climb. If the waves touch the floor you need to face loss instead of profit. You need to care about it when you put it at your home that leave should not be dry and gives water time timely. It is good to plant inside the house not outside. You can plant it in a bottle or flower vessel inside your house.