Good News: can travel in plane in Rs 300

‘Aviation Museum’ has been opened at Sinamangal of capital. It has Turkish Air’s airbus-330.
It’s price is 25 Arab 64 corer and landed it on 20th falgun 2071 B.S in Tribhuvan International Airport’s runway by crawling its wheel on the ground. It was brought by Upreti Trust and made a museum by cooperating with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.
Captian of Indosiyan Air Lion, Bed Upreti runs in the investment of 7 corers. Ticket price is Rs 300 for Nepali visitors in the museum.

World Largest Aviation Museum lies in America’s Washington DC but expensive Airbus-330 cannot found in other places but can in Nepal.
“It is a modern hybrid plane that can hold 4 hundred 40 passengers. An airbus price is more than Rs 25 Arab, the most expensive airbus cannot hold that much passengers and cannot buy such an expensive airbus”, Upreti said. Where they reach can see it.
Not only National and but also established in Civil Aviation Authority Area Pilot Upreti established a museum and hope that it will play vital role in tourism development
Captain said that it will attract the youths of Civil Aviation Authority which is the main aim of establishing Aviation museum.
The opening time is 10am in the morning to 5pm in the evening. And the charge is Rs 300 for Nepali and Rs 600 for tourists. Students from grade 1- 12 can get 50% off in the charge, said by the trust. Recently students can entry with Rs 1 hundred 25.
What is in the Aviation Museum?
There is the collection of ‘Miniyechar’ model aircraft from the age of Wright brothers to till date. Airbus-330’s Glass cockpit, modern war plane, hundreds of business airlines plane, Nepal Air Service’s and flying planes in Nepal’s sky Ichkirel helicopter etc. We can get information about these all.
As well as history of Aviation, Nepal’s important natural resources, photos of religious places by Arial Photographs are exhibited there.
It adds the new tourists’ journey place in Kathmandu. Before it he started aircraft museum from Dhangadi.
As this Museum had made
The grounded plane in Tribhuvan International Airport takes 4 days for 2 hundred meters from Dhawakmarga that’s why airport had been closed for 4 days.
The way has taken from the east side of the airport to museum. Many foreign technician works regularly for 4 months. The museum was ready within 9 months. It takes 1 lakh American dollar to open and join the plane, Upreti said.

The length of this airbus is 2 hundred 8 feet; wing’s length is one hundred 97 feet and height is 56 feet. According to a survey, In a decay, 4 lakhs 50 thaousand technical and 3 lakhs 50 thausands pilots will be important.
Including Nepal, many countries lack the skilled pilot. In such case International Aviation Authority runs tha programs that influence the youths in this sectors, Upreti said.