Lok Prasad who ran away by taking Rs 30 that had been given by his mother to buy compost manure, becomes a Owner of Corers

A person’s history starts from the ovum of a mother and mother do not have anything to say when child born. Where Lok Prasad Dahal asks question to his mother Tanka Kumari Dahal about his birth, then mother replied that he birth when Budhi Gandaki was closed. May be 2024.
Chief of NRN Belgium, owner of 5 Sushi king restaurants, run Sushi king hotel in P

okhara, Lok Prasad Dahal get unimaginative success in his life. His life was starting by facing many difficulties.

He is related with Dhading Budhathum VDC’s Golini village. He was born in simple living family. Father Ishwori Prasad Dahal works in Indian police. Mother runs the house.
He needs to wait Dashain to have rice and meat. He opens his background. His economic condition was worst. He studied in Bsdri Bishal Secondary school. He did the household as well as his study too. He gave SLC exam in 2040 but became failed. Then he joined the Army.
He got training in Bhaktapur but his posting was in Dipayal. At that time job is too much important. He get married in the same year and he think that his life will not be successful with his job. Then he left his jobg in 2044. And they need to face the same problem again. At that time there is a culture to go in fair. During that time his mother gave him Rs 30 to buy a chemical fertilizer. He took it and ran away to Kathmandu. For some time he need to face hardships in his life in Kathmandu. He had no place to live and eat. Later he got a job of waiter in a restaurant where he gets Rs 300 as his salary and get 5/6 hundred tips. But he cannot continue for a long time because he was taken by his father.
Father divides his property into three sons, Elder and younger, both of them get a house but there isn’t for Lok Prasad. He arranged the shelter for his wife and daughter then came back to Kathmandu. He arranged the shelter in Kathmandu and brought his family over here. He joined the restaurant and get Rs 5 hundred salary.
He went to Arab with attractive salary but he didn’t get till 4 months. His wife did have the payment of rent and get delivery at the same time. He was surrounded by problems but he did not get defeat in his life. And again went to the same restaurant for job.
He got his job with RS 300 salary but need to pay Rs 500 rent. Owner did the business of lakhs. There he started to talk about workers’ rights. He was thrown out of his job after making workers union. Then he listened that he can go to Singapore and work there in student visa. He became illegal there and send back to Nepal. After some month he got approval of student visa and again went to Singapore. And in 2004 he went to Belgium from Singapore. And he cleans dishes, plates in a restaurant of Belgium. Then he called her wife there but the life is not easy. Her life becomes easier than before she gets job in tomato farming. She is hard working and her works liked by her master. And then they both work in same farm.
She earn 8 Euro that is equal to 1 lakh Nepali, they need to pay 5 euro as their rent but Lok Prasad is not able to work in farm because the temperature is high. His wife is continuing the work and his friends became shock thinking about her work.
Both of them left the work in farm and started to clean the dishes in a restaurant. At that time they were paid 80 euro per hour. They work 6 days in a week. They collected the money in a bank and buy a house with 90 thousand euro. Then they get the right to call their children there.
After that they started their own business there by taking a r!sk in 2010. But his first job is not good for them. Then they started themselves instead of others and slowly their restaurant gets success slowly. We made vast change in the restaurant. Now it stands in five places. While doing valuation it price is 2 million euro that means 22 crore in Nepali. Their company is becoming large and adding 2 companies in a year. They are investing 7 corer to make a hotel in Pokhara.
E@rthquake: that takes their dreams U-turned
Their business is running good in Belgium. When Nepal face the destroyable E@rthquake their dreams takes U-turned. Once a journalist came and question him what will you do in such cases then he answered that he will donate the income of whole day for its development then his business runs good. He was touched and got pain after hearing the news of Nepal. He had earned 12 thousand euro per day. He came back to Nepal after 2 weeks of e@rthquake. The condition was worst in Nepal. And then he had a question what is dream.
His dreams changes there, he wants to make people happy by saving the lives of people from difficulties. He went to his own birth place and developed there. Team of Belgium called him. They came here and bought a land for school. Now the school is constructing. And they are involving in social work.
Help of wife
His wife is engaging in the social works. She is helping her husband and establishing a hospital in a village.
As we all know that the result of hard working never get fail. Life is continuous struggle. We can get success if we do hard work.