Woman shows her middle finger to American President Donald Trump in the road and then……..

Woman who shows the middle finger to American President Donald Trump has lost her job. One week before Donald trump was coming back to White House after playing gulf, one woman showed her middle finger. That photo has been viral.
50 years old Julie Brickman, a cyclist showed her middle finger to trump on October 28 in Virginia. According to the International media, the photo was taken by a woman photographer who is in Trump’s motorcade. Later it gets more popularity.

She used that picture as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook. Akima Company located at Virginia called Brickman and her boss throw out her from her job.
She lost her job but she has no complains about it and her behavior. At that time she thought that she was right.
After she had been thrown from her job, many voices raise against her. She writes her views in social media.
source: Koshi Online