Do you know the real name of Bollywood artists?

Artists of Bollywood have their real name before entering in Bollywood. They have changed their name after entering in Bollywood. The real name of comedian Joni Liver is Joni Prakasha. She changes her name after she is getting success in her carrier. Actress Malika Sherawat’s real name is Rima Lambha. She change her name when she enter in Bollywood.

Bollywood star Govinda’s real name is Govinda Arun Ahuja. Actress Jiya Khan who committed suicide, her real name is Nafisha Khan. Sajid Ali Khan is the real name of Shef Ali Khan. Many people cannot believe that the real name of Ranvir Kapoor is Ranvir Bhawanani. He also changes his name after entering in movies. Previous porn star Sunni Lyon’s real name is Karanjit Kaur Bohara.

Super Player of Bollywood Achhyakumar’s real name is Rajiv hariom Bhatiya. Same as the real name of Amir Khan is Mohammad Amir Husen Khan. Rajanikant’s real name is Shivaji Rawa Gaikawad.