Here are the easy tips to lose your weight.

What should do to lose weight? There are many alternative: some join Gym, some start dieting and some take help of Yoga.
But these are the easier than other. Do some household works that control your body’s weight. Some easy works help to burn your calorie. You weight lose itself:

Take care of plants watering them, digging the field ad need to do work out. The position of our body stretches the muscles of our body.
Clean the dishes:
The position while cleaning the dishes your body will be active. You move forward instead of moving the dishes that burns calorie and your dishes will shine.

Cleaning the floor:
Cleaning the whole room is the best way to lose your weight. If you want to lose the weight of your stomach then sit and clean the color.
Take your dog outside for walking:
It is not a hard thing to burn your calorie if there is domestic animal. You should go for a walk with dog. It helps to lose your weight.
Go for shopping:
Instead of online shopping for goods, you should go yourself. It will provide you exercises and lose your weight.
Wash your clothes by hands:
Many people use washing machine for washing clothes instead of their own hands. Washing clothes with your hand is better to lose your weight. It provides exercises.