Headache is the symptoms of Health problem

Reason of headache may not be a single and may not p@in like same. Headache took place while sitting on the sunlight, improper sleep, cold and journey too.
There are four types of headache. Namely it tells about the body’s problem. So, why has head been p@ining? Find out the problem and get the solutions.
These are the reasons of headache.

1. Seines: If you got a headache due to seines, front part and your face got problem. Your head is full with seines and its vein backside of eyes, nose and throat will be blocked. It will be swelling. At that time you get maximum p@in in your head.
You get more p@in in the front and back side of your head in the morning.

What is the treatment?
Drink sufficient water. Headache due to seines will be fine by drinking hot water that reduces the swelling and opens seines. You can remove your head p@in by pressing your head with hot or cold cloth.

2. Tension: In many conditions Headache take place because of tension. But less face this problem. If your muscles is suffering then you will get more p@in in your head and neck. Such p@ins may remove soon or some time it may take some days.
Improper sleep, diet, environment full of tension, hard drinks add headache.
P@in is transferable that occur due to tension. You will get p@in in the upper part of your eyes and back part of your head. And feel muscles p@in.
What is the treatment?
Sufficient sleep, drink ginger tea that reduce tension. And can use different oil that reduces p@in and get relief.

3. Cluster: Such kind of headache is 4 times more in men than women. Namely such p@ins more to female than male. In such condition you need to face continuous p@in for several days, months or year.
If you are suffering from cluster headache you get more p@in. Such p@ins take place once in a week or month or may be more than that. It comes back again in 6 months or a year.
What is the treatment?
You can use a specific cream.

4. Migration: The misery of migraine causes the inflammation of the blood vessel in the brain. This may be the reason for any reason. For example, lightning, odor, loud voice, excessive consumption of beverage.
Generally, migraine pen is more than 25 years of age to 55 years of age group. People of other ages also get migraine.
Perhaps a migraine pen is limited to one eye only. This type of misery starts suddenly and can only survive in one part of the head .Migraine pane has different symptoms, it is considered more than any other problem.
If there is a migraine pen, there may be a problem like fill in the eye, stirring nose or nose closure. When migraine, tiredness, high coming, visible change, hand shuffle.
What is the treatment?
Oggen-3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin B12 are considered beneficial for migraine pane. This should include these things in your regular diet.