Dirty Mind Test: What is that thing that p@ins a lot at first time?

It is a very interesting video that we can see in YouTube channel. Dirty Mind Test is a YouTube TV channel in which simple questions are being asked but people take it in negative scenes. This program has an aim to find out the stage of mind whether it is positive or negative. It is the program published on October 15, 2017 by Simrik Online. It is the first part of dirty mind Nepal.

An Online TV presenter asks dirty mind questions to the people around the Durbar Squares. These questions are taken as I.Q test of the people roaming around Durbar Square and testing the capacity of I.Q. It is simple question as it related with $exual relationship in the dirty mind but not the answer in the real.

In the first team they present their positive mind in front of camera. They give the proper answer because they used to watch such questions in YouTube. They think properly and give the answer. In the second test a presenter asks question with a teen-aged girl. She proved that her mind is positive. Third team cannot answer well in his question. At last a youth was asked same questions as before. But he shows his negative sense in all questions. He says that there is another answer and what he was thinking is not right.