DIG Ramesh Kharel: Hero of Nepal, Zero in the eyes of foreigners!

Due to DIG Ramesh Kharel of Nepal Police, the UN Mission in Sudan has said that the internal policy should be made for security personnel. After doing any work done by the security personnel in Mississippi, he has to make a separate policy.
According to the information obtained, the UN officials were surprised after photographing the displaced people in the settlement in the settlement of the internal displaced in the settlement of the two displaced people.

Earlier, no security personnel made such a ‘donor’, while photographing them did not make the report ‘achievement’ of the work they did. UN staff must report on their work at the end of each month reporting through the report.
According to the information, Ramesh Kharel went to Darfur of Sudan in the year 2016 for the United Nation Mission. From the 2016 to 2018 he went there, even when the UN deducted the staff, his position also deducted.

After position decline, after December 2017, he had to leave the mission. He informed the mission that he would return to Nepal after November, if he had a job till December. Mission normally led to the return of one month back by the other officials of the country.
However, while writing a one-year job in Nepal online, Ramesh Kharel wrote that the mission officials have been indebted to writing. According to the news media quoting Kharel, he said that he had his annual salary being 25-30 lakhs, but said that he was not going to return. While, the Kharel Level Police Officers are estimated to be more than 14-15 lakhs annually from the UN mission.

After reaching Ramesh Kharel in Mississippi, the authorities started work by orienting them like other missionaries. Although Kharel, who has been a role model of Nepal, involved in various security forces, said some of the security forces as Role Models, even though he could not be so popular at work.
He did not forget to tell anyone that he had made in Cinema in Nepal. As soon as the internal displaced began to take photographs and share two dollars, the mission did not allow them to do so without giving warning to them.
According to the internal policy of acceptance, no security should be the same as the security forces and all the displaced people of the UN staff.
Earlier in 2015, when the United States of Boston went to Boston in 2015, DIG Kharel was accused of organizing the honor program for himself that he should be honored when he comes to America.