Drink these things with water and drink to reduce your stomach ache

Busy lifestyle, wrong eating, and our stomach become worse. It’s bad effect falls in our digestive system.
Household remedies are found to get release of this problem. Day by day, by using these measures, the digestive system can be improved.
Ayurveda, Dr. Abarar Multani, told these measures.

In two glasses of water, let two teaspoons dry the grams of coriander.
Now add half spoon of dry ginger in it.
Make a slice of it light fire for 5 minutes.
Take four spoons full of slice in the morning and four spoons in the evening. Stomach will be fine.
Take the dust of herb with the honeymoon of the morning.
Take half spoon of gram flour mixed with Mishri in the morning and evening.
Mix two spoons of lemon juice with three pinch of nutmeg.
Take one cup of water with cumin and a soup, boil lightly and drink.
Put a cloth in the water miced with hing and take 15 to 30 minutes in the nave.
Eat a quarter of the gram flour, grind a gourmet soup, and half spoon mishri in the morning and evening.
Drink one glass of pure water four times a day.