The plane nearly crashes due to confl!ct

An emergency plane has been made due to conflict between husband and wife, a plane flying from capital of Qatar to Doha. The aircraft has been landed at the Chennai airport of India. A couple are from Iran. They were going to Bali to celebrate holiday. During the flight, the woman saw her husband’s mobile. After that she knew that he had a love affair with anyone else. The wife struggling began to fight with her husband.

Due to it the aircraft need emergency land  in Chennai. The plane left a couple and their child in Chennai and flew for Bali. The husband locked the mobile by using his fingerprints. She opened the lock of mobile while he was sleeping and saw all the photos and all their conversations. Then the conflict started. According to the airport officials, a child is there with a pair. Then a couple was sent again to Doha from Chennai again because they did not have an Indian visa. At the beginning, Airways employees tried to calm them. However, the woman’s anger was not too low. This family settled in Chennai one day and was sent Doha from there. Qatar Airways has not given any immediate response to this matter.

source: Lokaanter