A Neighbor who r@ped and mu(der 3 years old dughter, was shot by Machine Gun, Father said, “I got re-birth.”

A neigfhbor who r@ped and mu(der 3 years old daughter, was shot by machine gun in public area in Yamane. A child’s father,Yahaya Almatari feels release and gets satisfaction when he saw the de@th penalty of cr!minal.
His near neighbor Mohammad All Magrabi was shot by AK-47 gun and created a scene where there are thousands of viewers including him.

Sariya Court of Yamane proved that 41 years old Mohammad r@ped and mu(der 3 years old daughter, Rana Almatari of his neighbor.
After seeing the ho(ror scene daughter’s father said to the daily mail, “ I feel I got my re-birth. That was my first day. I feel relief.”
A criminal let to lie on the blancket, both hands were tied and in such condition, the police officer gave de@th penalty with AK-47 gun.
He was shot with 5 rounds bullets infront of the citizens of Sanaka, Yamane’s capital. He suddenly d!ed.
source: Agency