Nepali Prank- Propasal Gona Wrong

It is a prank video that is secretly captured by a cameraman without letting the public people about it. It is a process to make people fool or threaten without letting the people about the intentions of the prankster. Many people became violent while shooting when they knew that they are pranking them in the open area and they won’t be interested to be a part of such prank videos. Such videos are made to provide entertainments to the people. They try to see a big laughter on peoples face but not to hurt anyone.

Capturing the reactions of the people is the main aim of such prank videos. Pranksters are those who do prank with other. Many people from various places are involving in such videos unknowingly. Same as it many Nepalese people are also involving in such videos. Laugh Nepal Laugh is one of the programs that shows prank videos and is very popular on YouTube channel.
Propose Gone Wrong in Public Prank is the title of this prank videos in which the pranksters ask for a help to propose a girl in public area. Pranksters request the participants to hide the pamphlets in which I Love You is written. Prankster cries at last when he gets slap from a girl while proposing her.