An Elephant was in Iron Seamless Web in such condition, Eyes will be watering those who see it

In the previous time, elephants are being used to carry loads or luggage. In the past time, they used to be as a means of transportation. Now it has been killed for its teeth and leather when machines and vehicles are being used instead of them. Today also Mahatav has run the elephants on his gestures. There are many places where elephants were under someone’s control. Some care takers keep the elephants in worse condition in India. He used to punish badly. In such condition, a foreign group had came there and help the elephant.

It is the matter of Utter Pradesh, India. In this matter Mahatav had tied an elephant with iron chain for 50 years. He was very oppressive and the information about this topic flow up to UK. An organization works for animals come here to release an elephant. They came to India and interfered in this matter. They get success to shift an elephant to Animal Care Center in Mathura. After seeing the condition of elephant, many people eyes will be full of tears.
Elephants have several features. They were used for many purposes such as: particularly breathing, lifting water and grasping objects. Many people use the body parts of elephants to make weapons as well as tools for moving objects and digging land.