Outside hotel, $exu@l business inside, a dozen young men in police custody

The police has actively increased the activities of the hotel and lodge operating in the surrounding area of Birtamod, Jhapa. Police have taken control of dozens of youths in two days, with the increase in the efficiency of the police. According to DSP Jitendra Basnet, Area Police Office, Anarmani, who was arrested by the police on the basis of informal activities in the hotel and Lodge.

Basnet said that there are 10 young women and two young men in control. He said that seven of the women who were under control were used publicly. The police investigation has been opened by the police conductor who has been arrested by the driver of the controlled women in an immoral activity. Basnet said that the majority of the young women from the district who came out of the investigation, said. He said that the police have a problem with controlling such anxiety to not make concrete laws on $exu@l activity or to be done.