When 2 Buddhist monks have gone f!ght on the road

Two monks are fighting on the busy road. We can see the fighting scene in this video in the day time. It is hard to believe that they two are monk who is related with Buddhism that is known for peace loving and hating violence and teaches the right way of life without any confl!ct. The fighting scene looks like a f!ghter of television program Wrestling. They are enjoying their f!ghting as they are real participants of Wrestling in which one has to win and another need to lose.

They spread love and peace that saves the harmony of society but this video show the bad example of monks and present doubts in public. It is the reality whenever they are in angry and clear example of showing their anger. Such behaviors of monks definitely raise the question on their religion and teaching. They are the responsible people who need to spread the true teaching of their religion and need to follow the teachings of Lord Buddha who is known as Light of the Asia. He left his house and family to get knowledge of those all questions that raised in his mind after seeing the v!olence in the society. He spread love, peace and harmony.