After finishing 40% work this is how Kalanki Underpass Road looks like

This is a video about the construction work at Kalanki, Kathmandu. This under-construction underpass is a first kind of road made in Nepal. “40 percent construction work has been completed”, Chief of the Kathmandu Ring Road Improvement Project, Gyanendra Jha. The Chinese government helps in financial support to this project. The underpass will be 8 hundred meters. According to Jha, the work in Balkhu side has been completed and focusing on Sitapaila side now.

It is the important to develop roads for the development of Nepal. They tried to complete the project assignment in time. They are continuing to throw the clay that has been taken out from the construction sides. Workers are doing work honestly to complete it in time. It is compulsory to complete in time to reduce the traffic jams in various places in the way to Kalanki. It must be completed by 2018. In the comparison, all the works are running smoothly.
After some years later Kalanki get a new face over there and the traveler of this route will get easy. They do not need to suffer more traffic jams. The government is also saying to complete the task in time. Due to the earthquake, all the construction works had been stopped for certain time.