This is a young Nikhil Upretri, f!ghts with his father as this: trying to make world record

A young boy name Chirak Jung Subedi who is interested in sports and can see the qualities of famous artists Nikhil Uprti. He is six years old boy who reads on grade one. Rajendra Subedi who works as a professor sport teacher, is a father of Chirak Jung Subedi. He himself is his famous artist in Nepali Movie. He wants to be a celebrity who had already acted in the advertisements of Vionet, chocolate, dhara oil and NIC Asia bank. He likes to play, participate in shooting. He gets success in his studies as well.

Rajendra Subedi who has won many national and international championships, now is a coach of National sport council and gives training too. He wants to make his son able to participate in world record. So he is preparing him in kicking tennis ball in certain time. He gains his name and fame in certain field. He tries his best. His father only guides him and copied the activities of his father.
Round horse kick is a game in which participant needs to kick the ball only. He had kicked 28 balls in one minute. He didn’t give pressure in such hard steps. Chirak himself tries the steps and he was free to do whatever he wants.