Use these 8 foods in winter, body remain hot

The problem of common cold, cough and skin occurs when the body does not get enough heat in the winter. It is important to pay attention to food at the cold. Here we are also telling you about some cold food and strengthening the body in the winter.
Millet bread, millet magnesium, calcium, fiber contain vitamin B, antioxidant and protein. When eating its bread in the winter, the body gets the power to complete it.

Almonds contain vitamin E that can prevent you from getting sick while eating them with honey in the winter. The problem of constipation also erases.
Drink ginger juice daily, the body becomes strong. Additionally, it also cures your digestive system.
Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are beneficial for the winter. It enhances immunity in the body and keeps away from diseases.
Cinnamon is well-being and it helps to tighten the body by filling the body. Eat cinnamon with food, tea, coffee, or potato.
Raw Nuts were brought to the sun by sunrise and eat by sitting on the sun. It contains the mineral, calcium; carotene and phosphorus contained the body warm inside.
Consumption of green and eagle Palungo, carrots, garlic, and honey system is strong. The green vegetable is the best dose to protect from the winter.
In sesame food, massage of molecule or oil is beneficial in winter. The nutrient element in it protects you from the cold, pepper and cough.