When the monkey tears the clothes of a young woman tape …

Men are jealous of women. This is what is heard but the animal has not been heard .But, the lady of Birpur, which is under the Gram Panchayat, has been the v!ctim of Baipur. Monkeys make the woman feel uncomfortable.

The v!ctims said that the lanes of the monkeys are almost as close as they are, and the thaws run by the ears. Not only this, they take clothes and drag themselves, and sometimes they wear clothes.
These clouds have attacked at least a dozen women. Someone slaps, so some of them have socks. In the meantime, the group attacked a young woman working on a couple of days ago.
By which the woman’s clothes were torn. She became a stranger. Then three others together saved them from the clutches. According to the news, the monkeys behave differently to women and men.
Source: Agency