A 20-year-old man claims -There are people under land in Mars, scientists become shock

A young man in Russia has claimed to have been living on Mars first. Scientists are also surprised by that.
Boriska Kipianoovich, a 20-year-old, has claimed that she had lived in Mars first.
According to him, the pyramid of Egypt relates to Mars and the world will be different from the present as soon as the pyramid is opened.

Borisca’s secret to open the grandmother of the mysterious person made in the middle of the pyramid of Egypt, has also said that he or she is in a part of the ear’s ears. He says the world is changing with the open.
He also said that people living in Mars and the people there are 7 feet high.
According to him, the same people dwell under the ground. They live with carved oxide. They never die because 35 years later they are stopped.