Temple and lake in the upper of stone beside Kathmandu

– A $trange pond was found on a stone at the border of Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk.
– A $trange pond on rock was found near the temple of Kundeshwor Mahadev which lies at the border of Sankhapura Municipality 2 and 3 of Kathmandu, Bhotechaur VDC 4 of Sindhupalchowk and Melamchi Municipality.
– This place been recently found. Even though the pond and rock is considered very scared, Principle of Chapabot H.S.S said that the place has been unknown because of lack of media.

– It has been mentioned in mythology that Satidevi committed su!cide by jumping onto fire after her father insulted her husband Mahadev.
– There is a belief that while Shiva was travelling the universe with Satidevi’s de@d body on her back, her kidney fell at the spot.
– There is a religious belief that after he kidney decayed, Kundeshwor Mahade temple appeared there.
– The principle said that it was mentioned in a religious Bibliography called Nepal Mahatya.
– Locals say that Shiva worshipers are the one who visit there.

– There is also a belief that visiting the temple with one wish can make it come true.
Pond and temple on giant rock
– There is a small pond on a giant rock which lies on the bank of Ghatte river which mixes with Indrawati river. There is also Kundeshwor Mahadev temple beside it.
– There is no source of water to reach there and there is also no sign of animals there. There is also a figure of Kathmandu’s Budhanilkantha’s Bishnu in the water.
– This place has been mentioned on religious Bibliography.