Tallest man find love in tiny woman

As the tallest man in the Brazil, everything about Joelison Fernandes da Silva is big. Except for one thing and that is his tiny wife. And they are almost three foot difference in height which leaves many scratching their heads.

Especially when it comes to the mechanics of their love life. But it is not smooth sailing for the unlikely couple as they contend with a meddling mother in law.Who struggles to let her son stands on his own feet. According to Joelison’s mother when he was baby she notice that his feet bigger then any normal child.so she thought there is something wrong with him as normal bay shoe couldn’t fit him.

As a teenager Joelison was bullied because of his incredible height and size and he became a recluse. His mother said that everybody would go out and he didn’t use to leave the house. If anyone came to their house Joelison was shy and he use to hide from them so they wouldn’t see him. His father added that with his size everything was hard while finding shoes or clothes.

Joelison said that he felt different every time and saw himself as abnormal. the doctors diagnosed Joelison with gingatism caused by benign tumour on his pituitary gland which was surgically removed when he was 21. After the operation, the seven foot, eight inch gentle gaint decided to step into the lime light. And before long he was a celebrity in his homeland, Brazil. Joelison began to attract the admirers, including 21- years old Evenm Medeiros. Joelison expressed his feeling for her as the day he saw her he thought that it was love in the first sight. They talked with other for 24 hours from the day they met on the phone. Evem five too tall is almost three foot shorter than him. But no obstacles was too big for this budding romance.

Joelison sharing his memories with us said that he wasn’t shocked by our size difference but he thought she was. Evem added that the biggest shock for her was to see him personally. Joelison father in law was also seems to get $h0*cked and when he was in front of Father in laws’d door he spend 10 minutes looking and stare. Even Evem father though that she exaggerated as he had only told her to find a great man for her.
Just a year later this happy couple got married. recently they are trying for a baby which has led to some unwelcome questions about Joelisons proportions. Joelison added that he hate and get angry about the false advertisement of the size of his feet and the blank questions of the people.