Photo shoot

Nowadays people want to become models and want to be popular. Girls spend a ton of money just for photo shoots and to get featured in music video. There are many f@ke modeling agencies which in the name of making someone model takes a lot of money or even abu^ses a lot of girls.

A new video uploaded on YouTube is similar and shows things that can happen to models or any other girl. The title of the video is ‘N@^ke*d Photo shoot’ and it is awareness video.
In the video a girl is seen running up on a hill. She is pan!cked and as she sees her friend she asks her to run away. They both run away and get home. After they go home the girl tells her friend why she was pan!cking so much. The girls were actually there for photo shoot and according to the photographer only one of them could go at a time. And the photographer started to touch her and gets $e*xual. He is aroused and the girl escapes from him by saying that she will change her clothes.