Most V!r@l H)t Whatsapp Video, Try not to laugh

A new video has been uploaded on a YouTube channel called Viral whatsapp Videos. The tile of the video which is 10 minutes long and has more than hundred thousand views is ‘Most Viral Hot Whatsapp Video, Try not to laugh.’ The videos is a compilation of the post funniest and the most amazing short videos from Whatsapp.

The first footage compiled in the video is by a very popular American Viner Brittany Furlan. She is known to upload different funny videos on vine. In the footage compiled in the video, entertainer opens her mouth in front of her dog and the dog puts his entire snout in her mouth. She on the other hand is sh)cked. The second footage on the other hand is of a girl and a boy dancing. The girl dances and sings but the little boy dances and sings in a more funnier way.

In the third and fourth footage, there is a man who keeps a explo$ive at the side of a wall and goes beside people to act as if he is about to get shot. But as soon as the explo$ive explode$, the man acts dead and the people who see it run away in fear. The video is very funny and there are more footage compiled in the video.