Lord Ram’s birthplace ‘Ayodhya’is taken as Korea’s Maternal Uncle House, this is the reason

Ram’s birthplace ‘Ayodhya’ takes millions of people in Korea as their own maternal uncle’s homes. Korea’s have information about Ayodhya’s relationship with people. They also keep Ram’s native perception together.
More than 2,000 years ago, a princess of Ayodhya was married in Korea. On the basis of that relationship, people of Korea believe in the birth of Lord Ram.
When a princess of Ayodhya went to Korea, the people of Korea used to speak the name of the great queen of Korea Heo Hwang-ok.

This princess is also a ruler of Kimhe City in Korea when Princess Heo was traveling to India from Korea.
Then she took a stone to balance her boat. When she arrived in Korea then she got married to King Suro of that place. That is why now more than 70 million people of Korea consider Ayodhya their own maternal uncle house.
Byung Mo Kim, Professor of Kariyai University, says, ‘Queen Heo was the daughter of Ayodhya of India. That is why land of Ayodhya is like a mother for us.
Today, two-thirds of Korea’s people are the the relatives of Ayodhya. “She said that the stone brought by the queen was a living example of Korea’s relationship with India and Ayodhya.