For peace and happy, set the habit of praying in the morning and evening!

Life is bigger than we thought. We are always constantly suff*ring from profit, loss and success, failure, but there are more things in life than this.
In the sense, compassion is the most important thing in life. Only a man with compassion can be happy and happy in life. For the development of compassion, we need to have love affection in our minds for the things we consider.

It is mentioned in the scripture that the trees, lions, lions, animal, sea, ocean, river, love, and cruelty are found.
New Sunrise welcomes you each day. Every night we sleep, we may forget all of us, at that time. We may die. Therefore, in the New Testament day, it is best to greet the sun in every new day and to appreciate every new day of life. The feeling of gratitude makes people happy.

Similarly, every evening are considered to be the best. Praying in the evening for the life given to us by nature gives peace in mind even during the time of sleeping. People who do not care for such things and feel physically justified when they are not sleepy are also having problems including feeling fatigue.
Peace and happiness come to yourself after setting the habit of nature and gratitude to life.