Put the cut potato on your face and body for 10-15 minutes! Get result after 16 minutes

Nutrition and minerals are found in sufficient quantities in Potato. So potato is beneficial for our health. Potato can be used it for eating and cooking but also apply on the skin. And it has a wonderful effect on the skin. Method: Cut potatoes into small pieces. Then put it in the skin. After 10-15 minutes, removing it from the skin with lightly hot water. Use it daily from this you can quickly see changes in the skin.

Reasons to Be Good for Potato Skin: Vitamin ‘C’ – Vitamin C is very important for skin health. It measures to cure the wound. Likewise, it also provides relief from skin problems like stains, dry skin etc. Vitamins ‘B’ – Vitamin B protect your skin from changing the skin. Similarly, it also helps to avoid the problem of swelling the skin.
Iron: Iron provides skin shine and color to the skin. Calcium: Calcium deficiency gives different skin diseases. Potatoes produce calcium in potatoes. Therefore, use potatoes for healthy skin. Copper: Copper stimulates the skin. And it affects the production of collagen and Eliastin.