Do not take a photo of a newly born baby. May be the biggest r!sk for a child.

It may be surprising to hear, but even if the photo is taken, the baby is infected. Today, there is a tendency to take a child’s photo and keep it on Facebook. But, that’s not good.
A newborn’s child’s eye becomes very sensitive; the light of the mobile causes a lot of problems in the eye and cannot be seen later. After the birth of a child, it is a practice to congratulate with flowers. It is also wrong. There are different types of germs in the flower, due to which the child may have infections.

Do not even give toy to the newly born baby, or do not even keep it close. If the baby is wearing a new cloth by washing clothes in hot water properly, it should be done. Do not give out items to any child. Such a few things are likely to be a minor for a child. The baby should keep warm in every season, but should not be kept in heat.
It is not good to do a small child in the same way or during the winter as well as in summer. The newly born child should not be placed on the side of the coal, the heated heater. It can be drained by drying nose, drying, fevering, and do not drink mother’s milk. Winter should be bathed at least one or two times in a week, but can take bath every day in summer.
If it is not possible, then you should have to clean baby’s body with water and soft cloth every day. Inflation can also be infected during infantry. The child should not keep in the sun for long time.
The problem of a newborn may be Jaundice, Common cold, Fever, Diarrhea. As a serious problem, the child has not seen a mother’s milk. Even if the milk is not given properly, then the child is also sick. The baby should not have to buy lactose and say no milk. Instead, mothers should give lunch food. If there are other mothers, they should also give milk. But do not have to give lactose. If there is no remedy, the doctor should only feed according to the advice.
There is a problem of Urine over the child. This problem also seems to be caused by mother’s problems, so that the child’s blood may also be caused by malfunction. Most of the mother will not have to weigh the baby. Some are born soon or not. Even if there is diabetes or any other problem, the child seems to have a problem. The child with an unnecessary child is too early. So, a child cannot drink milk.
In detail, milk is given 1 ml to 2 ml slowly to a child. The newborn should not feed milk once that make stomach full. The small child can get colder soon so the ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’ remedy should be adopted. As a kangaroo, the child should be placed on the mother’s chest. In that case, a child can help to raise his weight and increase his weight. In addition to desserts, the KMC is good for all the kids in other times. If a child is born by doing operation, the milk of the mother may not come. At that time the child should pay special attention. The child’s glucose may less when child does not drink milk, so parents should be aware of such things.