Manually dressed cannot measure man’s personality!

The person is ashamed when they didn’t know a man. The ancestors say, ‘The clothes cannot measure anyone’s personality. Of course, this statement has actually changed into reality.
Shortly ago, a motorcycle showroom in Thailand had face such an incident. Seeing a person’s lifestyle, the people of showroom had misled him out. But when he took millions of rupees from his pocket, the people stared at him.

After this incident, they are becoming very popular on the social site. However, there is no more information about him.
The magazine of Thailand, according to Sunak, said that the person had reached the showroom ‘Maxsingburibike’ in Thailand, garbage dressed in the singing area of Thailand. At first, he watched out from outside, and went inside after few minutes. People of showroom thought to her as a Beggar and pushed out.
Even though he was not scared, he asked about the owner of the showroom with a staffs and Harley talked about buying Davidson Bike. Then everyone present there and started laughing out of the hay. The seminars did not make them upset for a long time. Understand as stupid.

Finally, when trying to extract himself from the staff, the person shouted and called showroom ‘s owner and told him everything.
In 10 minutes of conversation, the owner showed him Harley Davidson and its value was 6 lakh bhat (i.e. 17 lakhs).
After choosing a bike, did not make anything more than the price, immediately pulled 6 lakh bhat (i.e. 17 lakhs) immediately and made his bike.
After this, this people suddenly became the store’s celebrity. People took pictures of his new bike and started putting them on Facebook.

According to a report from Thailand’s magazine, Sanuk, his sister told that she was writing a comment on Facebook. Quoting sister it says, ‘He is not really a rich person.’ The more commonly presented in showroom, the fact that he identifies it. He is a hardworking person who recently got depressed from the job of a mechanic. He had the same dream to buy Harley Davidson. He has bought his dream form the money he has collected for years.
You cannot believe it! Shortly afterwards, he has again resumed to customize the bike in that store. When he bought a bike, he did not pay attention to his dress, but this time he entered the showroom as a bike rider, with a smile and funeral glasses.
He is a fantastic example of the world that never dreamed of his dream to be realistic.
From this event everybody needs to learn the lesson that the person’s clothing does not have to be identified in the body. Let yourself be ashamed.