Cut the $ex of R@ppist, Government!

Again 17 years old teenager from Prasauni, Sakhuwa, Parsa was r@ped by a group of R@ppist. Such cr!minals who rob the future of her have been roaming around the city openly. Neither the police office takes an action against nor a political leader or any related persons because the leader of r@ppist is a son of ward chief of Dago. A teenager was bleeding from her sensitive organ of her body so she was admitted to Narayani Zone Hospital.

When the relatives went to complain about them they were treated badly. Some of them get their hand fracture and mutilated them. Are the Laws of Nepal, Leader, Gangster, property of a cupboard? If not then cut the down body part of r@ppist.
In the case of 11 date when a son of ward chief of Sakhuwa Prasauni-4 r@pped a 16 years old teenager, the relatives of teenager went for justice but they were treated badly and mutilated her family member. But all the related persons remain quite. They cannot arrest the r@ppist group. Is there no right to live honestly for the poor pople? Why the related persons and righter remain silent? Suffered family must get justice and must give punishment to such cr!minals.

source:Taja khabar